How Seniors Can Benefit from Adopting Pets

seniors and petsThere are many characteristics every person has in common, regardless of age or personal situation. One example is the need for love and companionship. Other examples include the need to feel important and valued. An elderly person can have these needs met by adopting a pet.

A Pet is a Senior’s Best Friend

Whether a senior has friends in the neighborhood or at a senior center, it’s just not the same as having someone at home. Pets can provide the unconditional love, companionship, and friendship needed by elderly persons.

The elderly person will not feel lonely or alone when he has a pet living with him. A special pet can be someone to talk to, relax with, and spend time with at home. Seniors who have pets are less likely to become depressed due to loneliness.

Pets Keep a Senior Active

Seniors who have pets are more active than elderly persons who are completely alone in their homes. Some types of pets provide opportunities for seniors to play and feel playful. Dogs and cats are two examples.

When seniors are active, they are healthier. Playing with pets can make a difference in an older person’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Even if they do not have a pet that requires physical activity, pets can still help seniors enjoy life.

A Pet is a Responsibility

Caring for pets can help seniors feel important. Simply feeding pets each day can provide this benefit. When seniors know their pets depend on them, they feel more useful in their older years.

When seniors and their new pets become attached to each other, seniors can also benefit from this responsibility. A senior who knows his pet counts on hi m for attention has a reason to get up in the morning, and something positive to look forward to throughout the day. Seniors do not give upon themselves or their lives when they have pets depending on them.

Reliving Their Younger, Healthier Yearssenior and cat

Many older people had pets when they were younger. Perhaps it was a cherished pet he had when he was a child, or one that lived with the family when his children were young. Adopting a pet can be a way to recreate the joy and feel young again.

While healthy, active seniors benefit from pet ownership, your elderly loved one does not have to be in perfect health to appreciate a pet and enjoy living with one. All you need to do is match your senior’s preferences with his ability to care for a new pet. When he adopts one that he likes and can easily care for, it will be a wonderful experience.

Choosing a Pet for Your Senior

If you are planning to adopt a cat, dog, bird, or other pet for your senior, there are some points to keep in mind. The pet should not be so active that it endangers your senior. It should be easy for your loved one to care for without much assistance. It should also provide plenty of opportunities for play and interaction.

A good approach is to sit down with your parent and talk about adopting pets. His preferences should be taken into consideration, and if he can accompany you when you adopt his new pet, he will enjoy the experience even more.

A senior care service like Seniors Helping Seniors of Rowlett can also be helpful. The senior’s home care aide will be willing to assist. If the aide knows about the pet in advance, she can take your loved one to the store to buy pet food and other pet products, clean the litter box, walk the dog, or clean the fish tank.

However, the more a senior can do for his own pet, the more he will benefit. He should be encouraged to do what he can to care for his new friend. He will feel useful, younger, and healthier.

What to Expect with Pet Care

Dog Walker or Day Care?

How long did you spend researching day care for your child? Most parents will spend hours touring and asking their friends about the best places to entrust the care of their children.  And you should do the same for your pets! Not all pet care is the same, and it’s important to figure out which best suits you and your furry friend’s needs.

Dog Walkers

If your dog has high anxiety, is scared of other dogs, or does not enjoy car rides, hiring a dog walker may be the best option. A trusteddog walking dog walker comes into your home, takes your dog for a walk, and brings them back. Most of these work at an hourly rate, although some are monthly.

Some dog walkers have a time saving business model. If you have a dog that plays well with other dogs, they may do a quick trip to grab several. Then, they can bring all of the dogs to the park or on a walk at the same time. This is one way to keep your puppy happy if they are a social butterfly. However, you do run the risk of another dog getting snippy under someone else’s watch.

Day Care

Some people take their dog to day care daily while they go to work. Others, however, will drop their dog off once in a while. This way, they can spend some time socializing and playing with their own kind. If your dog does not interact well with other dogs, they will likely spend the day in a crate with occasional walks/outdoor play periods and bathroom breaks. Some boarding centers let dogs spend the day playing with others in an open space. Others alternate between crating and open play periods.

The two main types of day care:

  • Private: In private care, someone watches dogs at their home for a day. It is difficult to find spots in private care because most people can only take up to 15 dogs each day.
  • Commercial: Your typical doggy day care is a facility full of crates and outdoor fenced areas.

What to look for in Day care:

  • Well-staffed: You need to make sure the dog to person ratio is acceptable. Having 1 employee available to walk 100 dogs almost guarantees that dogs are getting skipped.
  • Clean facilities: To keep your pup happy, make sure they are staying somewhere clean. All day cares will have a dog smell, but check to make sure there isn’t any pee soaked cages or puddles.
  • Happy employees: Do you want a negative, inactive person taking care of your dog? Many people look for upbeat, positive employees to ensure their dog stays happy and active themselves.
  • Well-equipped: The best doggy day care centers are well equipped with toys and play areas so there is plenty for your dog to do.

Make sure you have documentation that your dog is up-to-date with their vaccines before looking into daycares. Some also require year round flea medication to prevent the spread of these pests. If you feel that your dog would be a good fit for private or commercial care, visit a few and see what you think!

Do Yourself And Your Pet A Big Favor—Just Clean Up After Your Dog

Dog-wasteHow would you react if a member of your family was responsible for contaminating ground water, making your neighbors sick, and creating a public health hazard? Wouldn’t you do all that is within your power to ensure your family does not end up being responsible for such an embarrassing and reprehensible incident?


Well, if you consider your pet dog as a family member, then your decision not to use poop bags to pick up after your dog is likely to result in legal, social, and health issues for your family and the entire neighborhood. Read ahead and learn more about some reasons why you should clean up after your dog and use poop bags and pet waste stations.


It has become very common for local governments to make it compulsory for pet owners to clean up after their dogs. However, this shouldn’t be the primary reason for you to pick up after your dog. Obeying the law is important but using your common sense to avoid public health issues is even more important.


You don’t need a law to tell you that leaving fecal matter to rot in public is a health hazard. This seemingly minor decision of yours can result in infestation of rodents, flies, insects, and harmful microorganisms in your locality. Further, your pet’s fecal matter will contaminate water when it gets washed away. This will result in an exponential increase in health risks arising out of your decision to ignore your pet’s poop.


Next, you are likely to end up facing penalties and fines if found violating local pet waste and licensing ordinances. Apart from being your moral duty towards your community, it is your legal duty to clean up after your pet.


Thirdly, cleaning your pet’s waste is a sign that you are a responsible dog owner. It is natural to presume that a single pet’s waste is unlikely to create health problems. However, such an attitude leads to a situation where most pet owners don’t clean up after their pet dogs. Change begins with you. Responsibility begins with you. In any case, you are simply doing a favor to yourself, your family, and your community by getting rid of your dog’s fecal matter.


You expect your child to follow the rules of hygiene and cleanliness, don’t you? You dog is not an exception to this rule. Since your pet dog cannot use pet waste stations on its own, it is your responsibility to perform this task promptly.


Finally, leaving pet poop scattered across your lawn can end up being a health hazard for your pet itself. Dogs, especially pups, can develop the bad habit of consuming fecal matter. This habit can result in numerous health issues within and outside your home. Further, you may end up spending a small fortune on the vet, medicines, and other procedures that may have to be conducted to treat the diseases arising out of this bad habit.



Make smart use of online resources to check out tips and tricks to clean up effectively without spending a lot of time and effort on this task. Don’t think you are doing a favor to others by using pet poop bags. The truth is cleaning up is simply going to help you, your family, and your pet dog avoid numerous health and money-related complications in the future.

If you live in a shared community, speak to your property manager to request having pet waste stations installed. Have them contact DoodyCalls Direct to learn more about how dog waste stations can benefit your property.

How to Stop Your Cat from Clawing the Furniture

cat scratcher

Do you have a cat that just won’t stop ruining your precious furniture with her or his constant scratching? If so here is an article that you shouldn’t miss. We will explain all of the safe options that you can do to help deter your four-legged friend from tearing up your woods and upholstery.

Scratching and clawing at things is normal behavior for cats and with tempting upholstery and wooden furniture, it’s every cats dream; unless you train them properly. There are many different tricks of the trade and Wellesley Animal Hospital has been nice enough to share with us today.

No matter how well domesticated your cat is, they still hold their natural instincts. You are not going to be able to make them stop scratching and, in fact, this isn’t healthy and can cause depression if you try to stop them from doing it every time. With this said, you need to supply them with a place to scratch and properly deter them from whatever they are currently scratching.

cat scratching poleThe first thing you must do is to either buy or create a sturdy scratching post or box. If it is shakey, then your cat may dislike it and discontinue to use it. Make sure that it holds enough weight or that it is secured in safely. It is also important that its height is also to the liking of your feline friend because many cats like to vertically stretch. If it is too short they may resort to something else. There are other horizontally scratching cats that enjoy a flat scratching pad. There are many D.I.Y. scratching pads that are suggested by many veterinarians as well. Since cats love cardboard, you can roll up  2-inch strips until you create an appropriate clawing pad. Many animal hospitals and veterinary clinics may also have examples in their facilities.

When you have the appropriate scratching surface established, it’s then time to stop your cat from clawing at the targeted surfaces. In some cases, you can use double-sided tape or attach aluminum foil. We are trying to create a textured surface that they don’t like. If your cat begins to scratch, don’t yell. Instead, clap your hands or slap a wall then carry them to the clawing post for enjoyment.

You can also use the water bottle technique. When your pet begins scratching, spray her from a distance and try to stay out of sight. You don’t want her/him to associate the punishment with you.

There are some cases where they dislike the scent of certain things like Fabreeze or citrus scents.  Also, make sure to enhance their experience at the new scratching post with a little catnip. They love that stuff! Veterinarian Approved!

There are caps that you can put on their claws to dull the scratch, but they cost around ten to fifteen bucks and they last around 4-6 weeks. The choice is yours….but remember.

Don’t ever de-claw your cat or kitten. It’s cruel and inhumane. In some places, even illegal. Talk to your local Short Pump Animal Hospital to find out more about this terrible practice.

Once you learn that this is a natural process for cats and begin to understand its primal purpose, then you will be right on your way in training them to stay off your stuff!

Treat your lawn like a king

Direct Line week 8A verdant lawn will be the envy of all your friends, whether they are taking a stroll in your neighborhood or in town for a visit. Treat your lawn like a part of your family yearlong to keep your grass greener than the other side of the fence.

Give your green a haircut. Keeping your grass low to the ground makes it easier for you to walk on and appealing to the eye. Investing in a high quality, long-lasting lawn mower can go a long way to keeping your lawn in good condition. Make sure the blades are in good condition

Mow regularly. Mowing once a week (or twice a week if you have a true high quality lawn) works best to keep it in tip top condition. For review, mow the outside edges and work your way inward in straight lines. If you want to mix it up, try mowing diagonally to keep your neighbors looking back.

Spot cleaning is also important to the look of your grass. It seems obvious, but pick up any trash you see and pick up after the kids so you can sleep easy at night knowing your grass as stress-free. Invest in good supplies to keep the weeds at bay to protect your perfect grass. No matter what you do or how often you feed your grass, weeds will come in and ruin your lush lawn as lawns get older.

Overseeding is the fastest and most inexpensive way to introduce new grass to any lawn. It will bring your grass back to its healthy self without tearing out the green and starting over. It’s also a great way to introduce a new type of grass to stand out from the pack. It’s best to reseed your grass later in the year, especially if you live in the north. There will be fewer weeds for your new grass to compete against.

While you are investing, don’t let the dog spoil your fun with his fun. Teach your pup not to dig holes in your lawn and ruin all your hard work or to let presents put a damper on the green. A company like Doody Calls pooper scoopers can ensure your lawn stays in pristine condition while you let it roam at its own leisure. If you still feel your pup is harming your lawn, consider switching up its diet and have it drink more water.

Make sure it is well-fed. The best lawns can stand heat, cold, droughts, foot traffic and other life stressors. Try and fertilize it at least once a year, if not twice a year to keep your grass green and healthy. It will not only improve its appearance, but make sure your grass lasts for years to come.

All lawns will need a bit of fertilizer in early spring when the grass begins to recover from the winter months and green up. While the rest of your fertilization schedule depends on the type of grass you grow and the upkeep of your lawn, it’s best to follow the instructions on the bag for the fertilizer you choose to invest in.

With a society that’s so concerned with where water is going, it is vital to make sure you water your grass efficiently. Generally, keeping your lawn well-fed will condition your grass to be able to conserve water effectively. Mother Nature will also ensure that the grass stays well fed. Rely on rain as much as possible, but if times are looking sunny, it may be time to break out the sprinkler.